Three Ways To Create The Perfect Outdoor Space This Spring

The residents of South Carolina are ready to get back out into the world and enjoy their lives again. However, the looming pandemic seemingly has different plans for us. So what can we do with COVID-19 still around?

Well, one great idea is to create a better yard so that you and your vaccinated circle of friends can safely have a place to drink responsibly, have bonfires, play games, and make memories.

Read on to see all the different ways to create a fun and inviting outdoor environment this summer by updating your landscaping!

Start With A Paverwater feature

Pavers are often the first thing that someone will notice about your yard. If you don’t want to blend in with the masses, you should pick out something that isn’t just concrete or tar for your driveway and pathways. Some ways that you should consider to incorporate pavers are:

  • Create a paver that leads to a bonfire platform
  • Use multi-colored bricks to create a unique and artistic design
  • Surround your pool with a cool paver for the kids and guests to enjoy

The fun doesn’t stop there though. Pavers are just a vessel for an awesome way to make your yard unique. Any of these options and more could make your yard the talk of your circle. Imagine having a space that everyone wants to be at on days where restaurants are full or unsafe – sounds like fun!

Install A Water Feature

Water features can be an amusing choice for children and guests. If you choose the right water feature, like a pond, you will even be able to have fish in your backyard! Some water features that would be a great attraction for friends and family could be:

  • A Fountain – This could be in a garden, on display in the front, or even a little pond with some fish.
  • A Waterfall – This option could be really cool to incorporate in the garden or in a retaining wall that could further make your yard awesome.
  • A Pond – As we mentioned before, fish in your backyard would be pretty cool. But even if you didn’t want swimming friends, a backyard pond could be cool for your kids to look at.

These ideas can be both cute and kitschy or elegant and extravagant – there isn’t just one design option for you to choose from, so you can modify either of these to create the space that you have always dreamed of.

Install An Outdoor Kitchenoutdoor kitchen

Taking into account the South Carolina weather, an outdoor kitchen would be a delight to have during the nice weather seasons. Think of all of the parties you could throw without anyone ever stepping in your house… This is great for two reasons:

  1. COVID-19 has been proven to be less contagious when outdoors
  2. Your indoor kitchen never has to get dirty and you won’t have people tracking in the dirt!

An outdoor space to cook and enjoy time with family and friends could be the perfect way to make a home feel like a fun new place to enjoy rather than sitting in the same old indoor space over and over again.

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