How To Tell If A Tree Should Be Removed

Trees are important to us. They add beauty to our yards, increase our curb appeal, and provide a shady retreat from the blazing South Carolina sun. Unfortunately, trees can become dangerous due to their placement in the yard, the breadth of their branches, or as the result of a natural phenomenon. There are many reasons you may need to consider tree removal this summer. tree damaged by weather

Why You May Need Tree Removal

As the saying goes, nothing lasts forever, and trees are no exception. So despite all the tree maintenance we perform and the care we putĀ  into our ornamental plants, sometimes the best thing to do is remove them for the safety of us, our property, and our families.

Weather Damage

The Carolina coast is no stranger to the effects of hurricanes. Strong winds and lightning can have a detrimental impact on trees – especially older trees with larger branches. When it comes to trees, the bigger they are, the harder they fall is a very applicable expression. Older trees may not have the strength to carry the weight of their own limbs. If a tree’s root system is weakened, it could lose more than a branch and instead topple over completely.

Pest Problems

Our trees face a variety of diseases and pests. These include:

These problems can easily spread from tree to tree, and you may not even realize you have a problem until it’s too late. If caught early, many of the aforementioned issues can be corrected either with a specialized treatment or by selectively pruning the infected branches. Unfortunately, when the infestation or illness is advanced, you may need to remove the tree entirely. In addition, when a tree is diseased or beat up by pests, it weakens the structural integrity of the entire plant.

Incorrect Pruning

There’s a reason tree trimming services are in existence. Tree trimming is not only about having the equipment to trim and remove branches safely; it also involves knowing how and where to trim branches, so the tree isn’t left with a gaping wound. When a branch is trimmed incorrectly, it doesn’t have a chance to heal properly. It’s really no different than if a doctor didn’t amputate a limb correctly. The wound can become infected and create future problems. For trees, one of the most common things is the formation of cankers. These look like ugly bumpy tumors or rough patches. Cankers in and of themselves are a problem, but they also weaken the tree’s ability to fend off diseases and pests. And just as a human’s wound can get infected with bacteria, so too can your tree. If the tree is sick enough, it might have to come down.

The Tree Is Too Close To Your Property

If the tree or a large branch is overhanging your home, carport, garage, shed, or other structure, it could be time to take it down. It’s better to be proactive about it instead of waiting for disaster to strike. Then you’ll have to deal with not only removing the tree but also repairing any damage it caused, dealing with insurance companies, and recovering from the stress and trauma of that situation.

Landscaping Makeover

Our landscaping tastes can change. Sometimes the needs and functionality of our yards need to change. When landscaping is outdated or no longer suits your purpose, it could be time to remove a tree or shrub. cottonwood tree with cotton seeds


Many trees, like cottonwoods, cause severe allergies in people. Other common tree allergens come from pine, mulberry, elm, oak, walnut, pretty much all of the common species we see in North America. If you are unfortunate enough to have these sorts of allergies, and the tree producing the allergens is in your yard, you may want to consider removing it so you can be healthy. Why take all kinds of allergy meds when you can remove the source of the allergies?

Get Professional Tree Removal Service Near Greenville, SC

Sometimes, despite our best efforts, nature takes its course, and we have to remove trees from our yards. When this happens, you can trust the experts at Advance Lawn Care. We offer lawn care services and tree care to select communities surrounding Greenville. We’ve helped thousands of homeowners for over 20 years with safe and efficient tree removal. So whether you know a tree needs to come down or you’re worried it might, we can help. Give us a call at 864-641-4804 or leave us a message online to learn more. You can also connect with us by checking out our blog page, where we post monthly articles on things relating to lawn care and pest control.