Five Forks

Advance Lawn Care in Five Forks

Our team is proud to have Five Forks as one of the major cities that we service. Advance Lawn Care has been providing lawn care and maintenance to the area for as long as we have been around. One of the services we are proud to offer is our 10-step lawn care and maintenance program!

The 10-step program includes:

    1. Granular Weed Control
    2. Liquid Post Emergence Application
    3. Spring Starter Fertilizer
    4. Granular Insecticide
    5. Early Summer Fertilizer Application
    6. Mid-Summer Fertilizer Application
    7. Late Summer Fertilizer Application
    8. Granular Weed Control
    9. Liquid Post Emergence Application
    10. Post-Emergence Application

You might notice that some of the other lawn care experts in the area offer a program with only six or seven steps, and that’s because, at Advance Lawn Care, our team goes the extra mile for our customers. Our lawn care program is designed to include pest control, so while we are working hard to keep your lawn looking great, you know that pests will be deterred as well.

Lawn Maintenance Services

Lawn Maintenance Services

Some of the things we do to keep up with your turf throughout the year are:

  • Edging
  • Trimming
  • Blowing
  • Weekly mowing
  • Weekly weed control
  • Shrub and tree pruning
  • Spring and fall clean-ups
  • Mulch installation (if needed)

These things are provided when you sign-up for our 10-step lawn care program! We choose to offer this maintenance in addition to our program to ensure our clients are getting what they deserve. We know each and every one of you, whether you own a residential or commercial property, care about your lawn. Keeping up with it and creating a healthy living environment is what we can do for you!