Advantage Lawn Care in Spartanburg, SC

Plenty of our clients who are located in Spartanburg are new landowners who need their lot cleared to build the home of their dreams. When Advance Lawn Care performs lawn clearing, it can include any of the following:

  • Trees
  • Vegetation
  • Stumps
  • Bushes
  • Dead plants
  • Stones

And more! Another huge benefit of land clearing is the debris being reused for natural fertilizer. It decomposes right into the ground, allowing for healthier soil. While some of that soil will be built over, some will also turn into your garden and landscaping.

Whether you have a home you are building or are a commercial property that is building a business, warehouse, or another commercial need, land clearing can make your process so much easier. Let the people at Advance Lawn Care take care of it for you! We have all the tools that you need to tackle your property, and we have the experience to go with it.

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Spartanburg Irrigation Services

Spartanburg Irrigation Services

Advance Lawn Care recognizes the importance of a properly installed and utilized irrigation system. Some of the materials we use to make sure your irrigation system is effectively utilized include:

Some of the materials that we use include:

  • Controllers These are the computer of the sprinkler system. They tell us which zones to run and for how long.
  • Heads¬†We offer various sprinkler heads that project water streams at lengths of over 15 feet, ensuring your turf will be covered.
  • Nozzles For optimal efficiency, our team offers a range of nozzles with adjustable angles and arcs for water efficiency.