Land Clearing

Land Clearing Services

A big part of what we do is create a better space for people to build homes, businesses, and commercial properties. Some of what our team here at Advance Lawn Care takes care of when we show up to clear a lot of land include but are not limited to the following:

  • Trees
  • Vegetation
  • Stumps
  • Bushes
  • Dead plants
  • Stones

And more! Whether you have a home you are building or are a commercial property that is building a business, warehouse, or another commercial need; land clearing can make your process so much easier. Let the people at Advance Lawn Care take care of it for you! We have all the tools that you need to tackle your property, and we have the experience to go with it.

Head to our contact page to send it a request and get started today!

Benefits to Land Clearing

Benefits to Land Clearing

Another considerable benefit of land clearing is the debris being reused for natural fertilizer. It decomposes right into the ground, allowing for healthier soil. While we will build over some of that soil, some will also turn into your garden and landscaping, and it will help your plants thrive. It is also perfect for creating firewood when you collect the dead tree limbs after clearing.

Wildfires can also be an issue for open land that sits for an extended period. By having the land cleared, whether you plan on building on it afterward or not, the dead vegetation will break up and break down into the soil, ensuring that there is no risk of damage to the surrounding property.