Tree Removal and Maintenance

Tree Care Program 

At Advance Lawn Care, we have developed a tree care program for almost everything your trees will need to live a long and healthy life. Our seven-step lawn care program includes:

  • Winter Insect Control Application (Both beginning and end of the year)
  • Spring Nutrient Application
  • Soil Applied Systemic Insect Control Application
  • 3 Spring Fungus Control Application
  • Summer Insect Control Application
  • Summer Stress Relief Application
  • Fall Nutrient Application

Other Tree Services

Tree Removal 

Although trees bring the environment so many benefits, often, their placement can cause some harm, and it may outweigh the benefits. If a tree is overgrown and covering a building, it could easily fall during a storm and damage the roofing. When trees are infected with diseases, they are easily spread to the other healthy trees and create the need for multiple to be removed.

At Advance Lawn, we can take care of it all, no matter what the issue is. We will remove the entire tree and ensure that your property looks good as new after.

Tree Injections 

As we mentioned before, trees can become infected with diseases. When our clients have us go the extra mile for them and perform our tree injection service, the trees in their yard will be protected longer. Tree injections provide trees with extra nutrients when they struggle to find them through regular fertilization and watering. Post-injection care includes keeping up with a regular care schedule.

Tree Pruning 

To keep your tree healthy overall and to reduce the number of dead limbs, pruning is essential. When you regularly prune your trees, you will control the positions in which they grow and strengthen the tree overall. Advance Lawn Care will remove all of the dead limbs that fall in between pruning treatments as well.