Spring Irrigation Best Practices for 2021

When the spring season arrives here in South Carolina, the residents in our area are usually beginning to think about irrigation services that need to be performed. With more humid weather creeping up and the growing season quickly approaching, you won’t want to miss a chance at irrigation installation or sprinkler repairs. irrigation repair

Getting your irrigation system working correctly can be the number one thing that saves your lawn this season. Without proper watering, lawn care programs that fertilize and keep the weeds away will struggle to be as effective as they can be. Advance Lawn Care is here to show you what you can do to ensure your irrigation services are taken care of this 2021 season.

Irrigation Repair

Many people in the areas that we serve, including Boiling Springs, Five Forks, Spartanburg, Simpsonville, Greenville, and the surrounding cities, likely already have an irrigation system installed. But over time and with use comes some damage. Whether you have damaged your turf through playing sports or mowing, there is a chance that your sprinkler heads have taken a beating as well.

Some issues that may need to be taken care of when it comes to your sprinkler heads are:

Clogging: If you’ve had quite a bit of rainfall or noticed that mud has been gathering near your sprinkler heads, dirt and other debris can get into your irrigation system and cause clogging. This will, in turn, prevent the proper flow of the water and cause your system to be less effective overall. Having a good cleaning right at the beginning of the growing season will help.

Leaking: Taking care of your turf when using tools you are unfamiliar with can damage the sprinkler head. If you have run over then with a lawnmower or had a guest drive onto your grass and damage one, you may be struggling with leaks. This could mean the heads are leaking when the system is supposed to be off or is simply not spraying the right amount when it is on.

Broken Heads: An officially broken head can also happen from those same instances. You may struggle to get a few of your heads going, which is an immediate need for repair. When one or more irrigation head is out of commission, it calls for a replacement to ensure that your turf can be appropriately hydrated for the rest of the season.

Another issue that you may find after bringing your irrigation system out of winterization mode is cracked pipes. This is a much larger issue than a simple head repair or replacement. If you discover cracked pipes, they may be able to be amended by a self-repair, but will eventually require replacement. Cracked pipes can happen from heavy machinery or even an ill-placed growing tree root. An issue like this will require pipes to be replaced before getting the full effect from your system can be achievable. installing irrigation

Irrigation Installation

All of the above points are perfect for getting your irrigation system prepared for the growing season. However, some of you may be thinking at this point: What happens if I don’t have one yet?

Our team is here to help you on all fronts. Advance Lawn Care is experienced in installation as well. Our team is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to ensure we provide watering zones, heads that reach over 15 feet in distance, and a nozzles that include adjustable angles for optimum efficiency.

Get Prepared with Advance Lawn Care

You can fully prepare for the growing season with an irrigation system that works effectively and efficiently. Whether you are looking for a repair or an installation, you can truly count on our team to do it the right way. Call 864-641-4804 today and ask about our or leave a message on our site. Follow our blog for more helpful lawn care tips every month!